Strong 1 Inch Standard Stainless Steel Flagpole Bracket

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Best Strong Standard Stainless Steel flag pole bracket for 1" (inch) flagpoles. This flag pole bracket may be pricey but when you see it in person you will see why there is no flagpole bracket on the market that we know of that is stronger or better built than this 1" flag pole bracket. This flagpole bracket is so well built it could be passed down in your family. This is the best flag pole bracket.

This flag pole holder is for 1 inch outside diameters flag poles. Comes with 4 Stainless Steel mounting screws.

Displays flag pole at a 30-degree angle. Flagpole bracket is made by FORTISVEX. Our brand is printed on the product and/or the packaging. This strong flagpole bracket can be mounted with screws (stainless steel screws are included) or a stainless steel mounting strap (sold separately). This 1 inch standard stainless steel flag pole bracket does come with a thumb screw to hold flag pole in bracket. This bracket holder has what is called a standard finish.

Works on flagpoles with an outside diameter of 1 inch.

Size: 1" (inch)

Material: Standard Stainless Steel

Angle: 30 Degree

Hardware : 4 Stainless Steel Mounting Screws are included. Mounting Strap sold separately.

Thumb Screw: Yes

Strong 1 Inch Standard Stainless Steel Flag Pole Bracket


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8 Reviews

  • 4

    strong 1 inch ss flagpole bracket

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 16th 2019

    The bracket is very well made and appears to be strong enough to withstand high winds. I'm giving it a 4 for now because cause it has not been tested by high winds. I live near the shore where we get heavy winds, having previously lost 6 brackets to high winds it is a wait and see if this bracket will hold up.

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    Strong 1 Inch Standard Stainless Steel Flagpole Bracket

    Posted by Brian Whitelaw on Aug 4th 2019

    The flag pole bracket that came with the flag, which was a large flag with a 6 foot pole, broke in three days. Very strong looking aluminum one I purchased field in the first strong wind. This one survived hurricane force 70 mph straight-line winds without batting an eyelash

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    Posted by Jim M. on Dec 7th 2018

    It perfect, i am happy with it!

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    Posted by VICTORIA F on Sep 10th 2018

    As shown, sturdy, quick delivery

  • 5


    Posted by Victoria N on Aug 20th 2018

    Sturdy enough for windy weather.

  • 5


    Posted by Russell C on Aug 15th 2018

    Good deal, thank you.

  • 5

    Lives up to its billing.

    Posted by Brian R. Martens on Aug 27th 2016

    After finding the remains of two flagpole brackets on the pillars in front of our new house, which is on the top of a hill and gets lots of wind, and after having the two aluminum brackets I installed both fail within a year, I bit the bullet and ordered this bracket. It looks and feels worth the price. It's only been up for a month, but based upon its heft and material I anticipate that it will last for a long time.

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    Superb and VERY stable

    Posted by Don Curtis on Apr 26th 2016

    I've had several other brackets...and with our Colorado winds, the other brackets have broken. I put this bracket in using 1 1/2" number 12 stainless steel screws (the bracket doesn't come with mount screws...just the pole stability thumbscrew). It has been very windy here lately...and this bracket has been 100% SOLID. Not a hint of movement of the bracket to the wall or loosening of the flagpole in the bracket. Superb...well worth the price! Don

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