Florida State Flags

Florida State Flags

History of the Florida State Flag

The current flag of Florida was adopted in 1900. It consists of a white field with a red cross, with the state seal in the center. The seal depicts a Native American Seminole woman, who is planting a flower, and a steamboat sailing in the background. The state motto "In God We Trust" appears in a banner below the seal. The current flag design has been in use for over 120 years, and is an iconic symbol of the state of Florida.

Prior to the current design, Florida has had several other flags throughout its history. The first recorded flag of Florida was the "Patriotic Flag of 1776," which featured a blue field with a white cross and the state's seal in the center. This flag was used during the American Revolution, and was intended to be a symbol of resistance to British rule.

In the years that followed, Florida has had a number of other flags, including the "Sunshine State Flag" in the late 1800s, which featured a yellow field with a red cross and the state's seal in the center. This flag was used until the current flag design was adopted in 1900.

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