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Deluxe Blade and Teardrop Medium Pole 12'

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  • Deluxe Blade and Teardrop Medium Pole 12'
  • Deluxe Blade and Teardrop Medium Pole 12'


This Deluxe Blade and Teardrop Medium Pole 12' are designed to draw attention to your cause with your flag. Flag is sold separately.

The flag will rotate with a light breeze due to the ball bearing pole mounts sold separately.

This pole requires purchasing either a Ground Spike (TELGS) or the Cross-base with Water-bag (CRW1)

Having a special event? Blade Flags are perfect for short and long term display. Catching the eye of roadside traffic. Are you a vendor at conferences, fairs, festivals, etc.? How can you not have a Blade Flag to draw the attentions of your customers! 

Pole Length: 12' (Feet)

Price discount if purchased in cases. Each case comes with 10 poles.

Part Number: BTM12

Made by Valley Forge Flag

Deluxe Blade and Teardrop Large Pole 12':

  • This pole is made of a graphite composite for maximum flexibility and durability.
  • We recommend taking your flag and pole inside during high winds or extreme temperature changes to extend the life of your flag and pole.
  • Each pole comes with a bungee cord and a black nylon carrying case.
  • An exterior pocket is included to store your rotating spike. (Rotating Spike Sold Separately.)


Blade and Teardrop Flagpole Instructions:
Part Numbers: BTS9, BTM12, BTL16

Depending on the size of the pole that you are assembling you will have two
(BTS9), three (BTM12) or four (BTL16) pole sections. Always start with the
largest pole section. This piece is the bottom of the pole. Each section of the
pole slides into the next from largest to smallest until the pole is completely

Remove the bungee cord from the mesh pocket on the inside of the carrying
case. This is needed for flag attachment.

Slide the sleeve of the flag over the top of the pole. When you place the flag
on the pole the pole will bend to take the shape of the flag.

Loop the bungee through the leather tab on the bottom of the flag. Tighten
the bungee to provide enough tension for the flag to arch. Tie the bungee
cord to the knob located at the bottom of the pole to secure it in place.

There is a mounting hole in the bottom of these poles, which can be used
with a rotating ground spike or a crossbase with waterbag. The ground
spikes (TELGS) and crossbase with waterbag (CRW1) are not
included and must be purchased separately.

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