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Telescoping Top Stop Ring For 15 And 20 Feet Telescoping Flagpoles (320097)

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Top Stop Ring.

This harness has an inside diameter of about 1-3/4 inches.

For use with our 15 and 20 feet telescoping flagpoles.


Instructions for Replacement Rings

1. Unscrew ornament from top of pole (i.e. gold ball eagle)

2 Remove screw(s) from the stop ring (located directly below the small (top) swivel ring)

3. Remove top cap by tapping it out of the pole

4. Replace ring by first sliding on the large swivel rings (with yellow tag) followed by the double swivel ring. Then put on the stop ring followed by the small swivel ring and top cap. Gently tap in the top cap.


PLEASE NOTE: You may need to drill new holes through the new stop ring. Make sure there is a 1/8" spacing between the top cap and the swivel ring.


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