1.25 Inch 1 Position 1-1/4 Inch Painted White Stamped Steel Flagpole Bracket With Hardware

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Color of this 1.25 inch flag pole bracket is Gloss White Stamped Steel. It's painted gloss white.
We paint our brackets with at least two coats of paint. Plus our paint has double cover technology. Our paint is "Paint + Primer".

This bracket is designed for 1.25 inch diameter flag poles. Also known as flagpole bracket size: 1-1/4", 1.25", 1-1/4 inch or 1.25 inch.

This 1.25 inch flagpole bracket comes with top of the line stainless steel screws. This kit will come with three stainless steel 10x2 Phillips Pan Head Screws.

Stainless Steel has a high tolerance to rust and corrosion. We felt this was important since you will be most likely attaching this to a house. We wanted to minimize the chance of the screws rusting in the wood of your home.

10x2 is the screw size. 10 is the diameter of the screw threads. #10 equals 0.19" or nearest fractional measurement 3/16".

2 equals the screw length from under the head of the screw. This kit comes with three 2 inch screws.

This flagpole bracket has three holes predrilled. We will provide three screws mentioned above.

Approximated Measurements:
Mounting area of bracket at the bottom where the screw will be installed is about 2.5 inches wide, and is 1.75 inches high.
Bracket will stick out from the wall about 3.75 inches.
Displays pole at 45 degree angle
Overall bracket length is 6 inches.
Bracket is about 1/16" thick.
Your 1.25" flagpole will slide into the bracket about 4.75 inches

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