Telescoping 15' Flag Pole Clear Finish

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  • Telescoping 15' Flag Pole Clear Finish
  • Clear Finish
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Telescoping 15' Flagpole Clear Finish

*Note: Exposed height includes the ball ornament and are approximate (15' exposed height)


Rope and Pulley Free: No tangle or knots

Noise Free: No clanging ropes

Sturdy and Durable: 16 Gauge Aluminum


Standard Accessories:

Poly-carbonate swivel rings: Includes a double flag harness for flying two flags

Cleat Poly-carbonate pin lock collar: Fits around lowest pole button to prevent unauthorized raising or lowering of the flagpole (collar can be secured with a nut and bolt or small lock, not included)

3" Gold Anodized Aluminum Ball

Heavy Duty PVC Foundation Sleeve 


Flagpole Butt Diameter: 2-1/4" (inch)

Flagpole Top Diameter: 1-3/4" (inch)

Flagpole Wall Thickness: 16 Gauge Aluminum

Flag Pole Unflagged Maximum Wind Speed: No Rating

Flag Pole Flagged Maximum Wind Speed: 65MPH

Flag Pole Suggested Flag Size: 3'x5'

Flag Pole Made With: Aluminum

Made in the USA 


This flagpole finish is clear:



Doesn't come with a flash collar or US Flag.

This flagpole can only be shipped to the lower 48 States.

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