The Proper Way to Display the Texas State Flag

The Proper Way to Display the Texas State Flag

The Texas flag is an important symbol of the state's history and heritage. The flag code, which governs the display and use of the flag, is intended to ensure that it is treated with the respect and dignity it deserves.

The current design of the flag was officially adopted by the Texas legislature in 1933. The flag features a single white star on a blue field, surrounded by a white ring of five additional stars. The star represents the state of Texas, and the blue and white colors reflect the state's Spanish and Mexican heritage.

One of the key aspects of the flag code is that the flag should never be used for advertising purposes, or placed on any item that is sold or used for profit. Additionally, the flag should not be used to cover a speaker's platform or be used as a decoration in any manner that detracts from the dignity of the flag.

The flag code also includes guidelines for the proper display of the flag. For example, when the flag is displayed on a flagpole, it should be flown at the top of the pole, and should be the highest flag flown. When the flag is displayed indoors, it should be placed on a staff or on a wall behind a speaker. Additionally, it is important to have the right flagpole hardware to ensure that the flag is properly displayed. At FORTISVEX, we have a wide range of flagpole hardware options, from flagpole truck assemblies to cleats, that can help you display your flag with pride and respect.

The flag code also includes specific guidelines for the disposal of worn or tattered flags. These flags should be destroyed in a dignified manner, such as by burning.

One of the most important aspects of the flag code is that the flag should be treated with respect at all times. This means that it should be displayed and used in a manner that reflects the dignity and honor that it represents. As Texas resident, it's our duty to fly the flag with pride and respect.

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Jan 26th 2023

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