Mounting Systems and Hardware Come in Handy

Mounting Systems and Hardware Come in Handy

Not everybody who wants a flag wants a flagpole.

That's just a fact of life.

The key thing here, though, is that if you don't have a flagpole, you want the right hardware and fasteners to effectively put your flag in place.

Sounds like a minor detail, right?

Ask anybody who has bought a high-value, durable flag made out of quality materials and can't seem to get it fixed to a wall or balcony or other part of the property without continual flapping and detachment.

If you see the grommets of a high-quality flag or banner attached to railings or other infrastructure with fraying rope, you can see how hardware is a key part of installing these visual displays on a property.

Yes, we sell amazing flags and banners – nylon and cotton printings with bold color and brilliant detail.

So you want to show these items off well, no matter where you put them. Some people like to mount them on walls, while others use a deck or outdoor structure.

Our balcony attachment kits are a handy way to tackle this problem.

With this type of setup, it's not hard at all to install your treasured flags anywhere on your property. This saves our customers a lot of time and sometimes, quite a bit of hassle. Suppose you only had a pair of scissors and some old twine – that kind of thing can be really frustrating. You might put up your flag in a few minutes, but you might end up putting it up again later after wind whipped a corner off of its post, or water weakened the rope, etc. Having the right kit means never having to worry about any of that.

What Our Customers Fly

We have a variety of flags available at Flags, Poles and More. Some of them are oriented towards lighthearted, fun-loving cultural icons like the “Jolly Roger.”

Some of them mean a lot to our customers, too. Those who have fought and died for our country or have very patriotic feelings will enjoy many of our military, POW and first responder flags flying over their properties. We also have seasonal flags and sports flags and a lot more. Some people have a deep sense of attention to history, and we have various historical flags that will also look good at your home or business.

Basically, Flags, Poles and More offers the ability to express yourself in a way that will stand the test of time – by offering flagpoles and accessories, we help our customers to get more out of their purchases with effective installation that can withstand the elements and the pressure that's put on flags and banners as they adorn a property.

Sep 11th 2019

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