How to Improve the Look and Functionality of Your Flag Display

How to Improve the Look and Functionality of Your Flag Display

Flags are an easy way to decorate a building and show the outside world what you care about. Many people use flags to display their national pride or showcase their heritage. With flags being such a useful item for decoration and self-expression, there's little reason to wonder why so many people choose to use them. Flag poles can be simple, but with the right accessories, you can create a flag display that will catch the eyes of those who see it. Here are some ways FORTISVEX can help improve the look and functionality of your flag stand.

If you don’t want to place a flagpole in the middle of your property, you can display flags by placing them along the walls of the building. FORTISVEX makes aluminum adjustable flag pole brackets that can be used on walls and other flat surfaces. These brackets are perfect for displaying smaller flags around a structure. They are easier to use than flagpole because all you have to do is stick the flag in the bracket and tighten it.

FORTISVEX has a variety of color options for these brackets so they can match any other fixtures that are on the structure’s exterior. You can get aluminum painted flag brackets in black, silver, gold and more. If you want your building to have a patriotic theme or be instantly memorable to people who come in, welcoming people with flags at the entrance will make a strong impression.

When you use a traditional flagpole to fly your flag, every part of the pole is part of the display. This includes the rope used to hoist the flag. These ropes can become frayed, damaged, and dirty over time. Problems with the cord may seem minor, but they can distract from the overall appeal of your flag display. If you want your flag display to look pristine, you can pick up a replacement white rope from FORTISVEX.

Another element of a flagpole that may need to be released is the ornament at the top of the pole. When the flagpole was first installed, there may have been a shiny ball or figure adorning the poll. Over time, the elements and weather can damage this fixture or leave them looking old. FORTISVEX sell various flagpole ornaments to replace items that no longer acceptable. Like the brackets, we sell these ornaments in a wide range of styles and colors, so you're sure to find something to fit your needs.

If you want to fly a flag during the evening, it looks much better if the flag is illuminated. Without lights, a flag in the dark is hard to see, and details can't be made out. You can get a commercial grade flagpole light from FORTISVEX that lets everyone see your flag without wasting electricity throughout the night.

When making adjustments and improvements to a flag display, it's a good idea to ask if the flags you are using need to be replaced. An old-looking flag can do more harm than good when people who have an attachment to the flag see it in disrepair. FORTISVEX has almost any flag you can think of displaying at a structure in the U.S. We have national flags, state flags, military and civilian service flags, and more.

FORTISVEX is a one-stop shop for all of your flag and flag display needs. We pride ourselves on creating high-quality products that help people showcase the things they care about. If you have any questions about flags and flag-related products, send us a message online to ask your question. 

Jul 11th 2019

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