How long should a flag last?

How long should a flag last?

One of the most common questions we get is how long should a flag last outdoors?

The US Flag Code is a set of guidelines for the proper display and care of the American flag. One of the most important aspects of the code is that flags should be replaced when a flag is in poor condition, when it becomes tattered, faded, or otherwise damaged. At that point, it will no longer properly represents the country. This is typically about every 90-180 days.

The reasoning behind this is simple: the constant exposure to the elements can take a toll on a flag, causing it to become tattered, faded, or otherwise damaged. We have seen flags resting and rubbing against tree branches, rubbing against roofing, buildings, in high wind, in snow and rain. When a flag is in poor condition, it no longer properly represents the country it represents, and must be replaced.

One way to ensure that your flag is always in good condition is to replace it every 90-180 days. This allows you to keep a fresh, vibrant flag flying at all times, and also gives you an opportunity to inspect the flag for damage and make any necessary repairs. Your flag will be the brightest and newest flag on your street. Making it stand out from the rest of the of flags.

The chance of the flag looking new after 1 year being outside is slim. If you can take your flag that has been outside and set it next to a brand-new flag and see a vibrant difference than that flag is no longer able to honor our country and should be retired. This is to ensure that the flag remains in good condition, and that it is always a symbol of pride and respect for the country.

So, if you fly a flag, be sure to follow these guidelines and always have a fresh, vibrant flag on display. It's a small step that can have a big impact on the way we honor our country.

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Jan 30th 2023

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