Four Tips for Showing Your Patriotism in the Wintertime

Four Tips for Showing Your Patriotism in the Wintertime

The American flag is an extraordinary emblem of independence, freedom, and of course the numerous sacrifices of our forebearers. The opportunity to fly it, therefore, isn’t just a privilege: it’s also your right as a citizen of this amazing country that we call our home. However, as the days grow colder and shorter, it’s essential to make sure you adhere to the correct protocols and etiquette of proudly flying the American flag. To avoid inadvertently disrespecting your flag when the temperatures start to plummet, here are four key tips to correctly displaying your flag this winter season.

Take it Down During a Blizzard

When the weather starts to turn foul, it’s best to lower your flag and bring it indoors. The United States Flag code clearly states, “The flag should not be displayed on days when the weather is inclement, except when an all-weather flag is displayed.” If it starts to rain, sleet, or snow, please don’t leave it exposed to the elements. That said, if your flag is made of nylon or other weatherproof material, it may stay up regardless.

Don’t Let it Fly After Sunset

With the sun setting earlier and earlier these days, the amount of daylight that you’re given to display your flag is definitely limited. Once the sun starts to go down, that means it’s time to lower the flag and haul it in. If you prefer to keep it up all the time to create a patriotic display, though, that’s absolutely fine – as long as it’s well-lit and easy to see!

Promptly Replace a Tattered Flag

It’s understandable to want to hang onto your American flag for a long duration of time, especially if it holds sentimental value to you. Nevertheless, once it starts to appear frayed or damaged, you need to take it down and dispose of it in a dignified manner. If you’re uncertain how to do that, you can always reach out to your local branch of the VFW for assistance.

Properly Support Your Flag

There’s nothing more embarrassing (or disrespectful!) than having your flag snap off from the pole and flutter off on a winter breeze. To avoid inadvertently desecrating your flag, make sure it is adequately supported on the pole. Use reinforced wires and supports, which can help keep your flag looking dignified and regal while it is hoisted high on the flagpole.

We here at FORTISVEX take the American flag very seriously. Upholding the tradition of respecting and honoring it is something that’s extremely important to us, which is why we’re dedicated to selling only the highest quality of flags and accessories to our valued customers. To learn more about how to maintain your flag, or to reach out to us about any questions you have about purchasing one for your home or business, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Dec 12th 2019

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