A Guide to Proper Flag Maintenance

A Guide to Proper Flag Maintenance

When it comes to amazing places to live, nothing compares to the incredible country that we call our home. The United States of America represents liberty, opportunity, and a strong sense of community, too. What better way to show your love of this beautiful land than flying your flag proudly outside your home? Of course, if you are going to fly the American flag, you’ll want to make sure you’re taking good care of it and preserving it from wear and tear. To prevent needing to replace your flag prematurely – and to help avoid accidentally disrespecting it – here are three tips for proper maintenance of your U.S. flag.

Don’t Fly It in Inclement Weather

One of the quickest ways to damage your flag is by leaving it out in poor weather. While the United States Flag Code admonishes us not to fly the U.S. flag when the weather outside is bad, they do offer an exception if you’re flying an all-weather flag. That said, rainy and windy conditions can quickly lead to the flag becoming tattered or frayed, so please lower it and bring it in if the weather forecast is threatening storms.

Protect It from Mold and Mildew

If you do plan on flying your flag in rainy weather, make sure you choose an all-weather flag for the occasion. While cotton flags definitely do feel more authentic and reminiscent of the original U.S. flag, they are prone to getting musty if they’re left out in the elements. If your cotton flag has gotten caught up in a rainstorm and has become soaked, take it down immediately and lay it out flat to dry it out. This can help protect it from decay and prolong its life, allowing you to get more mileage out of your flag.

Shield It from Wear and Tear

Even if you choose a durable flag, you could still expose it to damage if you have obstacles that come into contact with it. If your flag is continuously being buffeted against tree branches or rooftops, that can cause it to fray sooner. Trim back any long limbs, and don’t fly it too close to buildings. Surprisingly, a weathered flagpole can also damage your flag, as the rough and abrasive texture can be quite harsh on it. By staying on top of your flagpole maintenance, you can also prolong the life of your flag, too!

No matter what type of flag that you’re looking for, we here at FORTISVEX have the right flag for your needs. From cotton flags to polyester and rayon flags, we are proud to stock only high-quality and 100% American-made flags. To learn more about our inventory, please feel free to browse our wide selection of banners and flags. Or, if you have any questions about flag maintenance and upkeep, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Jan 15th 2020

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