7 Best Places to Hang Your American Flag at Home

7 Best Places to Hang Your American Flag at Home

Are you planning to display an American flag in your home? Are you wondering where the best spots for showcasing your flag are?

It’s no secret Americans have a deeply-rooted love affair with the American flag. With several factors splintering the nation in the social, geographical, and political aspects, people are looking for something that will unite them. Hence, the American flag comes into the picture.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to treat the flag with the proper accord. Some do not even know they are committing grave mistakes toward the flag. Thus, you need to learn how to hang your American flag the right way.

Continue reading below as we guide you in the dos and don’ts of hanging your American flag at home.

Where to Hang Your American Flag Proudly

With the flag being one of the best symbols of patriotism, it is not enough to hang it proudly. You need to do it the right way. But as we mentioned earlier, some people know little about proper flag etiquette.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows that there is a US Flag Code. Nevertheless, hanging your flag properly is not as complicated as you may think. Here are seven of the best places where you can hang your flag at home:

1. A Flag Pole

This is perhaps the best method of displaying your American flag at home. Using a flag pole offers many benefits. First, a flag pole lets you showcase your flag anywhere you want around your house.

You can find a convenient spot near the gate. You can even set it up in your garden. But for maximum exposure, it is best to place your flag pole near the front of your home.

Another good thing about using a flagpole is the stability it offers. The pole is durable enough to withstand strong, high winds. It also allows you to raise your flag high for the neighbors to see even from afar.

2. Right Before the Front Door

If you do not have a big front yard, the next best spot to hang your flag is right before you reach the front door. But instead of a traditional flag pole, you need to use a flag pole set.

A flag pole set differs from a standard flag pole particularly with the way it mounts the flag. Instead of securing it on the ground, you mount the flag pole set on the walls. In this case, you will fasten the set against the wall just outside your front door.

If the traditional flag pole is the sturdiest, the flag pole set is the most common choice for hanging flags outside the house.

3. Along the Walkway

In case you want something more dramatic, you can place small flags along your walkway leading to your doorstep. To do this, you can stick three flags on each side of your walkway. Make sure to give enough spacing between the flags to avoid a crowded look.

To complete the presentation, cap off the layout by hanging an American flag bunting above your main door. A bunting perfectly complements the small flags on the ground.

4. On the Outer Wall

For an option that is much closer to your house but still outdoors, hang your flag on the outer wall. When displaying your flag, make sure to hang it vertically. Also, be mindful of the proper position.

The key is to have the blue star field on the upper left-hand corner. Additionally, make sure the flag doesn’t touch the floor. This can be tricky if you have a large flag.

Another option is to place your flag inside a frame and hang it on your exterior wall near the door.

5. Framed Indoors

If you want your visitors to marvel at your American flag indoors, place your flag inside an elegant frame. Hang the frame on your wall, preferably inside the living room for everyone inside the house to see.

A framed flag can serve as your main decoration piece. If you have a family member who served the country, you can also hang their medals and plaques right beside the flag.

6. At the Balcony

Do you have a balcony at home? Then you’ve got one of the finest spots to raise your American flag. Because of its elevated position, the flag easily enjoys a lot of exposure.

People driving along your street can easily spot the flag several meters away. Also, you can use the flag as a landmark when giving directions to visitors.

In case you plan to hang a flag on the balcony, make sure to invest in a high-quality balcony mounting kit. A good kit should include a durable flag, as well as grommets and mounting ties.

7. On Your Car

Though your car is technically not part of the house, you may consider it as an extension of your home. If you wish to display a flag on your vehicle, attach the staff to the right fender or chassis. But make sure to use an all-weather flag.

Proper Flag Etiquette: Things to Avoid

Knowing where to hang your American flag is good, but you must also follow proper flag etiquette. Here are some things to avoid when it comes to the flag:

  • Don’t use the flag as a tablecloth. You can only drape it over a casket.
  • Don’t use it as a napkin or as a bib.
  • Don’t expose the flag under inclement weather.
  • Don’t write on the flag.
  • Don’t dress up using a flag.
  • Don’t place the flag below another flag.

Keep in mind you also can’t sit on a flag or use it as a pillowcase for your pillows.

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Apr 24th 2020

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