Below is what you may see when on the product page when it comes to availability and current stock.


If the product page states "CURRENT STOCK: 10000" this means two different things.

1) We have the product in stock, and normally stock the item. To allow the customer to order more than we have in stock we use a placeholder of 10000. This allows us to send what we have in stock, then get the remaining in and ship that once they come in.

2) We currently do not have the product in stock but will be getting more in soon and will ship the product to you once our warehouse gets them.

Normally a "CURRENT STOCK: 10000" is a good sign we can get you that product.

We place orders multiple times a week to replenish our inventory and get products in for customers that place orders of products that state "CURRENT STOCK: 10000" on our product page.

If you place an order of a product that states "CURRENT STOCK: 10000" know it might take a week before we get it in to ship to you if our warehouse is out of them. But like stated above we constantly get inventory in.

When someone places an order of a product that stated "CURRENT STOCK: 10000" the quantity will go down by what they order. So, you may end up on a product page that shows "CURRENT STOCK: 9999". Or some large number like that. Know this don't mean we have 9999 in stock it's just that someone place an order of that product and once the order is completed our inventory software will update our website to put it back at "CURRENT STOCK: 10000" and the whole process is repeated again.


If you see a product page that states "OUT OF STOCK" this means, we don't have it in stock and aren't taking orders of this product.

Normally this is because the manufacture stopped making the product or it's just so back order that it could take months maybe even a year for us to get.

We have restricted the sale of the product during this time.

Once back in stock you will be able to order the product. 

We don't offer a back in stock notification when they come back in.

If you see on our website "OUT OF STOCK" and you can't find that product anywhere it's a good chance the manufacture stopped making those products.

You may have to switch brands or sizes. The manufactures are not telling anyone when or how many they will make if they bring the product back. It could be years before they are back in stock if they decide to make the product again.


When you see "CURRENT STOCK:" and a number that number is what we currently have in stock. Normally we put 10000 as a placeholder to keep the product for sale on the website but some items sell so quickly and take a long time to get more in stock, so we put the actual quantity we have. 

You will see for example but not limited to CURRENT STOCK: 1, CURRENT STOCK: 18, CURRENT STOCK: 25. These are just examples, but the actual product page will show what we currently have on hand in our warehouse. Normally you will see CURRENT STOCK of something under 100. 

If you see, we currently have the product in stock for example but not limited to CURRENT STOCK: 1, CURRENT STOCK: 18, CURRENT STOCK: 25 we normally ship those items out the same business day. Visit our Shipping, Returns, & Terms page for more details on our shipping policy.

We only use the actual quantity vs the 10000 placeholders when we know there are very limited amounts of this product left and it will go to "OUT OF STOCK". If you see an actual quantity on the product page, we highly recommend placing the order now as it may be months or years before we get more of them back in stock.

All of us flag retailers get our products and supply from the same places, so we are all in the same boat. Things have really changed since shutdowns and encouraging people not to work. Prices change multiple times a year now too.