Rotating 6' Aluminum White Flag Pole With Gold Ball Ornament Anti-Furl

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Buy a rotating spinning flag pole if you're tired of your flag wrapping around you flag pole. A Rotating Spinning Flag Pole is the answer to your problems of having the flag wrap itself around the flag pole. The owner of Flags Poles And More will never fly a flag on any flag pole that doesn't rotate. He highly recommends these rotating flagpoles.

The top of the flag pole rotates on ball bearings. This top section of the flagpole spins with the flag and helps to limit the flag from wrapping itself around the flagpole.

Comes with 2 flag rings for grommeted style flags. Also has a snap attached to the top via a swivel ring for pole hem, sleeved flags with a tab.

You will need to purchase separately a flagpole bracket that accepts 1" (inch) outside diameter flagpoles.

This pole also doesn't come with a flag. Recommend flag size for a 6' (foot) pole is 3'x5' (W x H in feet).

Known as a spinning flag pole, or rotating flag pole.

Pole Length: 6' (Flagpole comes in two pieces)

Pole Color: White

Ornament: Gold Color Ball

Flagpole Outside Diameter: 1 inch

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Additional Information

Pole Size:
6' Feet
Pole Color:
Gold Ball
Pole Material:
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