M-Winch Handle M-6 Thru M-14

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  • M-Winch Handle.
  • This picture is just an example. Doesn't include the flagpole or M-Winch assembly.
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M-Winch handle is used to raise and lower the flag of an internal halyard 6 inch thru 14 inch diameter flagpoles.

This M-6 Thru M-14 M-Winch Handle is for internal flagpoles with a base diameter of 6 inch to 14 inch.


We have included a second picture of a zoomed in image of a flagpole M-Winch Assembly. This is just an example of what the M-Winch Handle tool is used for. 

You will not get a flagpole or an M-Winch Assembly. This detail page if the the M-Winch Handle only.

"Insert M-Winch Handle into the winch insertion slot, apply inward pressure to locking mechanism and raise and lower the flag to the desired position."


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